Pleasing the crowds


The busy nature of a city such as London can be draining, as well as invigorating. Strangers briskly walk by , all in a rush for some reason on a Saturday . It can feel isolating if you are alone and surrounded by people enjoying life with partners , family , and friends. 

This was the case today for me.  I explored the city solo, which I generally don’t mind. I brought  take away Vietnamese at Granary Park, and found I was one of the few people taking in the sun alone. As I ate, I listened to people’s conversations , and stared at boats passing on the canal. I debated how long to sit there alone, But then there was action. 

A 30 something man teased the crowd on this September afternoon by taking off his shirt and pretending to jump into the canal. When he didn’t leap, the crowd booed. Peer pressure worked and he began to take off one piece of clothing at a time.  Shortly after he jumped in. The crowd roared, and a woman actually offered him a hug. I was no longer alone eating dinner at this instance , I somehow was transported to a community experience. 

 Later in the evening , I went to hear a reading from one of my favourite authors : David Sedaris. His observations of the mundane occurrences in life are hilarious .  I often wonder what the world would be like if we transformed daily life into Sedaris wit .  We listened to David’s  excerpts from his diaries. Listening to ones private thoughts brought intimacy to a London crowd. 

Surprisingly afterwards , there was a book signing . A staff member informed me he was there prior to the talk and additionally would be there for three hours post talk to ensure all could get there books signed.  David spent time talking to each fan , personalising every autograph. The woman in front of me received a drawing of a plane , my autograph was below:

Although David doesn’t know me, I truly appreciate him taking the time to make each fan special.  

Bringing smiles to strangers doesn’t take much 😀

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