Reframe Traffic

Yesterday my commute home was nearly four hours.  I left work early to begin my long weekend.  The sun was shining, it was only 3:00pm, and I was excited to relax after working 10 days in a row. My one hour commute quadrupled.

Instead of getting upset, as it would have been easy to flip the switch. I reframed… this is an opportunity . Now I was blessed with the time to call my family, listen to podcasts, I even wrote in my journal (as for some time we were completely stopped)! 

I watched as other drivers tried to escape through the emergency lane, yet there was a truck driver who acted as the police. He stopped their paths. We were all in this together , there were no shortcuts. This was humorous to me. I watched people getting upset, and switching lanes. These several hours were totally out of our control.  But I knew to simply accept this.

I am trying to remind myself of this serenity mindset I was in yesterday . The central line on the London Underground (by where I live), is completely getting service done this weekend. 

I instantly curse myself for having bought tickets to a show this evening.  It would be so much easier just to stay home, and do nothing!

My journey into London , which would have simply been 1-2 trains, now involves 2-3 trains and a bus ride.  But it’s all out of my control.

Time to reframe, how can I use this extra time to serve me versus get overwhelmed by it? Calmness exists within me, and I can access it two days in a row.

When you find yourselves in these situations, what do you do?

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