An Inspired Idea

This weekend I went to an inspirational conference through Hay House, entitle “I Can Do It.”  It was full of inspirational authors and speakers such as Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, and Brian Weiss.  One thing that truly stood out for me was something Cheryl Richardson said, she takes motivational cards and randomly distributes them to waiters, bank tellers, or in letters to the IRS.  All as a way to spread gratitude and kindness towards others.  It automatically inspired me to do the same, but in addition to create a website where recipients could write about their expeirence and how it may have impacted others. Just as germs and negativity can be spread, so can kindness.  By sharing a smile with others, you not only impact the recipient but the people in their world.  In turn, kindness also heals yourself. It only takes a smile to change the world.

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