What a tip!


Thanks Houston !

Thank you yesterday to the rental car company who upgraded my rental car last minute . As I was about to exit the gate after a 10 minute wait with my car that had two scratches, I was rerouted back to the front desk.  I have a gps and the car only had 10 miles.  I think the gratitude cards had something to do with it. I was surprised and impressed. 

It’s interesting , when we travel how irritable we can become. I love to travel but in the span of 11 days I have taken 4 flights and been in four states . All good until yesterday . I did not see that the conference I was travelling for started a day earlier. With last minute changes and the ease of two family members who were able to drive me from various locations, and a $200 Change fee, I made it. Additional costs for flights, hotels, and cars.

Irritability and anxiety filled me, but I tried to remain hopeful. Everyone didn’t need to know or see my worries.  At one point I thought I lost my drivers license at the rental car company. I called the company which was routed to their staff in the Philippines and back again to Houston. Luckily it was found and I let off steam by taking a long walk, eating my lunch at 5 pm.

Walking helped release everything. At 5pm in Houston , it was a lovely 70 degrees. What a break from the gloom that exists in England , that I am used to.

It’s a relief to have had so many gracious and welcoming people here in Houston . From the car rental place, to hotel front desk staff, random people in the gym or in the elevator.

The world can carry you if you let it.  

Let it.

Duet with her dad 

This is the cutest video! The feeling this four year old has …


I am flying today from my family in Philly to Ohio. Although it would be a quick flight , I have a layover in DC. The irony is its Inauguration Day. At this point all we can do is hope . 

Above is an image from my friend’s Facebook account. 

We must continue to have hope that things will improve in our country , not just with our leaders but with the multitude of Americans who are residing here. We thrive to be progressive, independent, and inclusive. I hope we can find solidarity as a nation .

I am sharing the beautiful goodbye letter our current president wrote to the country .


Living in LaLa Land

Sometimes a film comes along that simply exudes inspiration. You want to live in that film because the characters are filled with passion , creativity , and a longing to fulfill their dreams. For me this has been Before Sunset; Midnight in Paris, and now LaLa Land. 

I will not give it away, but it is worth all of the acclaim it is receiving.  After watching it , you can’t help by root for the artists that are surrounding your life. Or perhaps follow a dream you had given up on.  Maybe it will bring up regrets and what might have been.

Watching it, I am even more determined to help my husband achieve his dreams. 

See it and dwell in the atmosphere of blissful musical:)


Adorable endurance 

There are everyday heroes 


Gearing up for birthdays 

I think I may be the only person under 40 that writes birthday cards and actually mails them to people. I have a tradition the past 15 years of creating a mixed tape/cd that includes my songs for the year. The music generally starts with a fast beat, perhaps something pop. It sways with dance and hip hop, to perhaps indie folk, a nostalgic song from the 40s era . It eventually ends with a classical tune.  There is one cd that is mailed to all individuals , that now begins during the initiation of the fiscal year (october- September )

Last year I was going to stop . I may have previously wrote about this. I felt as if I sent out 20-30 cards with cds, plus another 20 bday cards without cds. It didn’t appear as if anyone appreciated this act anymore. It was a waste of time, money, and energy. Not only were the cards filled with cds, but with stickers, and a fake tattoo. The outside of the card was generally graced with random stamps and stickers. A pure juvenile treat for a friend I had not spoken to in awhile. 

As I told a friend of wanting to stop this tradition , she pleaded why stop now? At least wait until we turn 40. And so I do. 

Because I will be travelling for the next several weeks, I prepared my February bday cds to be sent out this week 🙂 I hope you enjoy . The current playlist is below.

Dance into the new year