Feliz dia de san Valentin


First time the gratitude cards have been distributed in another language, and what power giving sincere thank yous to strangers have. The past two days I have distributed over 30 valentines to random individuals who have assisted me on my journey to barcelona. Some do do not read them, a few have have noted this is their only valentine , and others simply smile. But yesterday the karma was repaid automatically. My husband forgot his luggage on a bus from the airport in barcelona, after numerous calls and inquiries, we landed the driver. He not only had the bag, but said with such tranquil nature to relax and enjoy barcelona. One more important piece: He said “I like your dog.” The gratitude card was a success! Think about how your gratitude will impact another’s day, and somehow it will return back to you. Feliz dia de san valentin y gracias Pepe Antonio por nos ayuda.