Smile facts

Smiling travels

I forget the opportunities that are available to spread kindness when we travel. Currently I am visiting 5 states in 10 days, using a variety of means of transportation: shuttles, buses, taxis, subways , airplanes, rental cars, trains, walking, and family members driving. Traveling can be stressful for some, and it’s easy to take it out on the representatives that serve you on your journey. a plane may be running late, lines to check in may be a lengthy wait, or maybe you are simply sweating from running around from one checkpoint to another. But why not show your kindness for the work they are doing. Maybe a genuine thank you, smile, or unexpected act of kindness. One small act from you that takes seconds, can keep someone going for the rest of the day. Today I gave a new jersey transit train worker a gratitude card, and he checked in on me during the duration of my journey and helped me with my luggage. As I went through the tsa checkpoint, I gave several workers a card. They were so pleased and surprised they requested their co-worker receive one too, who “needed it.” At Starbucks, I offered the barista yesterday a beautiful quote and she gloated to her friends immediately after receiving it . I truly hope if you receive an act of kindness, it can be passed on. Sometimes I feel passing out these gratitude quotes to others helps the world more than the doctorate I hold. You never know the impact you can make on someone’s life, with an unexpected positive act. It only takes a smile.

Oddly an obituary that may make you smile

Accepting kindness

It’s funny how people accept the gratitude cards I hand out. Some take it as if they are the norm, thinking it is a form of advertisement. Others laugh. Some are grateful themselves as if they needed those words at that moment. It makes me wonder how do we accept gifts, whether they are tangible expensive gifts, cheap trinkets, or gifts of words. Witness how you receive, and when you give witness the recipient’s response.

Witness love

If you allow yourself to be still, you can witness moments of love and kindness. Maybe it’s though lovers, friends , strangers , or in nature. Catch a glimpse of it. Observe. Inhale. Then pass it on.


Allow yourself to say yes!

Last week someone reminded me of the yes man, who the jim Carey movie was based on. Someone who chose to say yes to experiences that came his way, and how his life was dramatically altered. We close off opportunities and stay sheltered sometimes due to comfort, stubborn nature, or fear. And so this weekend I said yes to an all expense paid retreat, an opportunity most of my coworkers chose to say no to due to various personal reasons. Sometimes when you say yes to what the majority declines, your life gets only more fabulous. Say yes with a smile!