Smiling travels

I forget the opportunities that are available to spread kindness when we travel. Currently I am visiting 5 states in 10 days, using a variety of means of transportation: shuttles, buses, taxis, subways , airplanes, rental cars, trains, walking, and family members driving. Traveling can be stressful for some, and it’s easy to take it out on the representatives that serve you on your journey. a plane may be running late, lines to check in may be a lengthy wait, or maybe you are simply sweating from running around from one checkpoint to another. But why not show your kindness for the work they are doing. Maybe a genuine thank you, smile, or unexpected act of kindness. One small act from you that takes seconds, can keep someone going for the rest of the day. Today I gave a new jersey transit train worker a gratitude card, and he checked in on me during the duration of my journey and helped me with my luggage. As I went through the tsa checkpoint, I gave several workers a card. They were so pleased and surprised they requested their co-worker receive one too, who “needed it.” At Starbucks, I offered the barista yesterday a beautiful quote and she gloated to her friends immediately after receiving it . I truly hope if you receive an act of kindness, it can be passed on. Sometimes I feel passing out these gratitude quotes to others helps the world more than the doctorate I hold. You never know the impact you can make on someone’s life, with an unexpected positive act. It only takes a smile.

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