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Ted talks on positive psychology

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Gravitate towards beauty and kindness


I often wonder when I write these posts who reads them. It has been almost one year since I created this website, and I have given at least 500-1000 of these cards away. Only two people have rejected them, oddly staff at costco (both in la and the uk). I am not sure who reads this website, but I Do believe in the law of attraction. Like attracts like. If we choose to express beauty and gratitude to the world, it does come back. Although this is not the reason I do this, it doesn’t hurt. I do this because I truly am grateful and touched how we serve each other and have the potential to impact each other’s day, even if our interaction was only in a moment. Our interactions have the potential to be positive, negative, or neutral. Why not choose positivity ? It’s virtually free and costs nothing, but the value is more than a monetary tip. And to know that this one card may not only impact the person who receives it but the person they next interact with is priceless.


The science of happy

This stuff from soul pancake always wants to make me cry about the greatness we have as humans to show gratitude to others…

Take the time to appreciate you

Take the time to appreciate you

Long break from blogging, but this weekend I have 4 days off to do nothing but simply relax, swim, and explore the town I live in. Take time to relish how fabulous you are.