Gravitate towards beauty and kindness


I often wonder when I write these posts who reads them. It has been almost one year since I created this website, and I have given at least 500-1000 of these cards away. Only two people have rejected them, oddly staff at costco (both in la and the uk). I am not sure who reads this website, but I Do believe in the law of attraction. Like attracts like. If we choose to express beauty and gratitude to the world, it does come back. Although this is not the reason I do this, it doesn’t hurt. I do this because I truly am grateful and touched how we serve each other and have the potential to impact each other’s day, even if our interaction was only in a moment. Our interactions have the potential to be positive, negative, or neutral. Why not choose positivity ? It’s virtually free and costs nothing, but the value is more than a monetary tip. And to know that this one card may not only impact the person who receives it but the person they next interact with is priceless.


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