Mile high kindness

image.jpegif only more of us shared with the world a piece of kindness this stewardess did




Holiday cheer

imageDuring the holidays we are so busy doing last minute things… Rushing to the airport, scrambling for last minute gifts, trying to squeeze in time for seeing as many family and friends as possible.  We are in this rush, but how are we treating the everyday people around us? The baristas, servers, doormen, or sales clerks.  Our interactions with them can impact their experiences with their loved ones. Perhaps you can try to be present with each person you speak with today, look them in the eyes, express gratitude. You may find the impact of doing this also brightens your day.

above you will see a photo with our server at a hotel cafe we popped into in London. I don’t remember his name , but he chatted with my husband and I , and the potential to move closer to London . All we ordered was coffee at this beautiful hotel, and he said it was on him. After this we were given a private ride in a luxury vintage Rolls Royce to our special lunch at Heston Blumenthal’s Dinner. How kind and sweet , 2 days before xmas!  Thank you again , it touched us so deeply. We are truly grateful 🙂

Last act of kindness

i  saw this posted several weeks ago and had to share . How tragic, but a reminder how each moment is precious and can be so impactful to others…