Gearing up for birthdays 

I think I may be the only person under 40 that writes birthday cards and actually mails them to people. I have a tradition the past 15 years of creating a mixed tape/cd that includes my songs for the year. The music generally starts with a fast beat, perhaps something pop. It sways with dance and hip hop, to perhaps indie folk, a nostalgic song from the 40s era . It eventually ends with a classical tune.  There is one cd that is mailed to all individuals , that now begins during the initiation of the fiscal year (october- September )

Last year I was going to stop . I may have previously wrote about this. I felt as if I sent out 20-30 cards with cds, plus another 20 bday cards without cds. It didn’t appear as if anyone appreciated this act anymore. It was a waste of time, money, and energy. Not only were the cards filled with cds, but with stickers, and a fake tattoo. The outside of the card was generally graced with random stamps and stickers. A pure juvenile treat for a friend I had not spoken to in awhile. 

As I told a friend of wanting to stop this tradition , she pleaded why stop now? At least wait until we turn 40. And so I do. 

Because I will be travelling for the next several weeks, I prepared my February bday cds to be sent out this week 🙂 I hope you enjoy . The current playlist is below.

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