Thanks Houston !

Thank you yesterday to the rental car company who upgraded my rental car last minute . As I was about to exit the gate after a 10 minute wait with my car that had two scratches, I was rerouted back to the front desk.  I have a gps and the car only had 10 miles.  I think the gratitude cards had something to do with it. I was surprised and impressed. 

It’s interesting , when we travel how irritable we can become. I love to travel but in the span of 11 days I have taken 4 flights and been in four states . All good until yesterday . I did not see that the conference I was travelling for started a day earlier. With last minute changes and the ease of two family members who were able to drive me from various locations, and a $200 Change fee, I made it. Additional costs for flights, hotels, and cars.

Irritability and anxiety filled me, but I tried to remain hopeful. Everyone didn’t need to know or see my worries.  At one point I thought I lost my drivers license at the rental car company. I called the company which was routed to their staff in the Philippines and back again to Houston. Luckily it was found and I let off steam by taking a long walk, eating my lunch at 5 pm.

Walking helped release everything. At 5pm in Houston , it was a lovely 70 degrees. What a break from the gloom that exists in England , that I am used to.

It’s a relief to have had so many gracious and welcoming people here in Houston . From the car rental place, to hotel front desk staff, random people in the gym or in the elevator.

The world can carry you if you let it.  

Let it.

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