Prepping for the fall

The weather shifts for several days. The rain and clouds drift in, the temperature decreases, and I start to put away the summer clothes. But today the sun returns, it makes the day a whole lot sweeter. I try to immerse myself (and my dogs) in the sun. The breeze touches our skin and faces, but so does the sun. I know here in England, the days of sunshine have an expiry date. Each boost of Vitamin D is limited and therefore greatly appreciated.

My days of living in Hawaii and California are long ago. Even though I wasn’t a local (having been born in Ohio), the sun became an industry standard for my life. Gratitude for the sun wasn’t in my daily thoughts, it was just taken for granted. 

As with love, we may only appreciate things more when they are gone…that goes for summer and sunshine.


After being drenched from yesterday’s storm and walking for 90 minutes in the rain, I embrace in the day. If I could hug the sun, I would. Thank you sun for each moment of bliss. I will miss you, till we meet again (as I upload this the hail begins).

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