Be Your Own Knight In Shining Armour

There’s an allure to Paris…. I can’t help but want to pretend I live there , speak French, exude romanticism, and have the mysterious sex appeal of the French women. Therefore I bought this book on my Eurostar journey home last weekend: how to be Parisian wherever you are .

There are numerous sections and tips in there such as how we should choose our perfume by the time we are 30, never smile with showing our gums, and to keep it simple. But the one piece that stands out for me…Be Your Own Knight In Shining Armour.

That principle has repeated in my head throughout the past week. It’s been a mantra. I tried to share it with a male friend this week, who initially had trouble understanding it. Later he said “oh it’s because people can disappoint you. “. 

Yes, but it’s so much more than that. Why should we as females wait for a man to save us from the lives we are living ? Or to complete our stories? Or to make us happy? We are capable of doing this ourselves and should! 

Regardless if we are male or female, when we recognise we are responsible for our own happiness and fate , we will miraculously bring in a happier partner . 

Stand tall. Be your own superhero. Be your own Knight In Shining Armour . You deserve this !

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