Beauty in simplicity 

Spending several days in a tropical like environment is comforting to me.  Waking up as the sun rises, and hearing the sound of a rooster serves as an alarm gives me this reminiscent feeling . After 7 am passes, the church bells rang every thirty minutes.  It is as if those beginning moments of a day are universal.  Memories of my time in Hawaii , Cuernavaca Mexico, and Sampaloc Manila Philippines replayed in my brain.

I found it inviting to wake up each morning and engage in my daily discipline of meditation, gratitude, spiritual reading , and even yoga ! With this view, how could I not? There wasn’t anything more I needed.

But it’s not easy for everyone . It took awhile to adjust to our time in Sorrento, particularly for my husband. The main amenities we have everywhere we go we’re practically non-existent here.  No air conditioning in restaurants or stores when it was 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside. No ice cubes, fast wifi , and a lack of non-stop city action. But after our third evening , he finally arrived. The calm and relaxed husband I had been waiting for arrived. 

We could appreciate sitting for a cappacino looking out on our balcony at the beautiful landscape. Although the buildings around were not modern and updated , there was still beauty in the collective experience. Everything was enough. 

Although he may not have viewed it this way, it reminded me of attending a silent meditation retreat.  In the beginning there is all this internal chatter of pain, discomfort , stress, and irritability . But with time we were able to let go of it all and be. 

I had heard this saying before how a nomadic tribe would wait several days after travelling for their souls to arrive. And how true this can be for us all? 

We are always so busy in our everyday lives, do we give space for our souls to arrive? This is where lies the importance of meditation . Each day we have the opportunity for our souls to catch up with our bodies. And we can allow ourselves to find beauty in the simple.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”-Leonardo Da Vinci 

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