Another symbolic tattoo 

I did the unthinkable , I got another tattoo.  I tend to get tattoos marking big events:

 Ohio- turning 17 with my parents holding my hands, it was my birthday gift 

LA- getting my doctorate , being surrounded by friends

Hawaii- alone, passing my licensing test

Hawaii- with my soon to be husband , during my 40 day mindfulness journey

I was waiting for the perfect moment… I knew it would have to be in Europe , after I completed paying off my student loans , but the question was what to get. I debated on the infamous line from Joseph Campbell to “follow your bliss” or the Sanskrit variation which he derived it from Sat Chit Ananda 

Or perhaps I could get a silly fox or angel wings . But nothing felt right . And then I stumbled upon this quote in French by the author of the Little Prince Antoine de saint-exupéry : Fais de ta vie un rêve, et d’un rêve, une réalité.

Translated : Make your life a dream, and the dream a reality.

This symbolised everything for me.

I notice my life has been full of moments. I have been doing my dream job for three years , and I keep stumbling onto greatness.

 We have so much possibility inside us, but tend to set limitations. Perhaps those are limitations we inherited from our family or society and implanted them into our cells. But life does not have to be ordinary.  

I have had some amazing times in my life, which I am truly grateful for. Yet I almost expect these opportunities to happen to me, because I know how awe-inspiring this sense of energetic law of attraction is. 

Dream bigger. 

Know there is more waiting for you. 

Have faith in others and share that with them, we all can use that boost. 

Thanks to my tattoo artist at Abraxas 

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