Unsung dreams come true 

My dream profession that I secretly long for is to be a writer . Sadly I rarely I allow myself the chance to write, but each time I travel that longing deepens. This is truly apparent every time I visit the Shakespeare Bookstore in Paris.  Each visit to Paris, I squeeze in this bookstore everyday. It’s like having coffee with an old friend I have been dying to visit . There’s never enough time to take in being in the atmosphere of this magical place. 

How I learned about the bookstore was from my favourite movie of my 20s…Before Sunset. Co-written and co-starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. My friends and I would binge watch this movie before Netflix existed , rewinding the end to further philosophise and argue over the ambiguous ending .  The film was my favourite film for 10 years.  This movie and then bookstore became a symbol of desire and unrequited love of : Boys, Paris, and my dream to be a writer . 

Tonight these dreams came true. Stars aligned the day I arrived in Paris , my ultimate destination bookstore is having a release party. The backdrop of the bookstore has served as my Facebook photo for the past three months, the streets of Paris line my vision board for the year , and I jokingly commented to my friends I would run into a character from the film that night.  The cozy room was filled with writers , photographers , bookstore owners from around the world , and Ethan Hawke! It was one of those moments that lasted hours, and I had to continually remind myself to stay present. I needed to inhale how grateful and amazing life was. 

Hours after this event has ended, I am still basking in post bliss.Yesterday was a spiritual experience.  My friends reminded me I had “A Moment ” which don’t seem to occur much in life anymore. But the reality is these moment s are available for us to inhale.

 Thank you Shakespeare Bookstore for continuing to inspire all of us throughout the decades.  

Your beauty, history, and magic will always light the creative flame in my unrequited heart. 

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