Call of duty

imageAs a famous person, I believe it is one’s duty to his/her fans to try to express your best “you” upon meeting them. There’s potentially years of hope, longing, and imaginative banter of what would occur if a conversation actually took place. Sometimes meeting someone you admire can be anti-climatic. They are not who you dreamed them to be, or worse , perhaps even rude.

As was the case tonight.

It’s hard to not automatically want to judge them.  Now when watching this person’s films or shows, my mind will be filtered with this evening’s interactions.

My husband tried to find the brighter side of it. Perhaps this person wasn’t a complete asshole, maybe he received bad news right before he saw us. My husband wasn’t just saying this for my benefit, but also his own.

“I’ve watched this person for twenty years. It’s so disappointing .” Another explanation was deemed necessary .

We can give this person the benefit of the doubt. I know I’m not always on when I meet others.  It can be difficult to reframe the expectations we have of others that is shattered with reality.

My husband mentioned there must have been a reason for our interaction with him tonight. He vows to no longer wait for a celebrity’s autograph again. This was his first and last experience being an outward fan.

perhaps the lesson here is how do we choose to interact with those that surround us? Although we may not have the fame or wealth, how we choose to treat others including strangers can bring value to their day. Kindness (and rudeness) is contagious . How are you choosing to contribute to the world?

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