Barista days

image.jpegCurtis Mayfield plays in the background as I enter s coffee shop. Instantly I am taken back to my barista days , where times were simpler. No major bills , responsibilities , or serious relationships . It seemed easier to be kinder to strangers that time , serving customers . I noticed the regulars who would come in , looking for a place to study or for a place to call home .

I heard a Lena Dunham podcast yesterday in which she interviewed her artist mom. Her mom only thought she could herself be an artist her entire her life . Nothing else was an option. But as she aged she discovered and developed qualities such as patience , kindness , and humility where she could now be in areas to serve others such as being a waitress . What an interesting concept . We think service industry jobs are entry level jobs that anyone can do , but in reality to be truly good at it you need skills of such high caliber… You must be centered and on your game in order to be friendly and open to others.

Think of that as you leave your next tip;)

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