The dance of life

The dance of life

With each move, you can’t help but reflect on all that has occurred in your life up to this point. Friendships, relationships, family growth spurts, losses, trips, and blissful moments. It’s easy to forget all that we have been blessed with, until we take the time to reflect. Maybe it’s through old journals, photographs, conversations with friendships rekindled, or a random memory that may return in our dreams. Filling our spirits up with gratitude for all that has entered our lives up to this point.

Can we internally move through each day in as graceful a manner as a ballerina’s pirouette? Although it may be difficult to see when you are in it, each twist and turn you take becomes one beautiful unique dance piece. Why not celebrate and embrace each movement, perhaps enjoy the pose as you enter into it, step away from it, and venture into the next posture?


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