With each year, my appreciation for my grandmother grows. It’s not often where the owner of a company with over 100 staff members, takes the time to run a standing birthday excel spreadsheet of each of her employees. When the special day comes, each individual is granted with a special gift and card that she personally shops for. She also never forgets a gift for each of them during the holidays and mothers and fathers days. Although she is past the age of retirement, she continues to work endlessly to support her children and grandchildren, sometimes past the point of being spoiled. Her walk in closet has turned into a gift room, full of trinkets and souvenirs to offer almost anyone she encounters. I realize her kindness and gratitude towards those that serve her and who she serves, is always doubly returned to her in the success she continues to achieve. Who in your family has been a role model to you, not just in their financial success, but service to others?


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