The Healing of Effects of Summer

The Healing of Effects of Summer

As I prepare for my move overseas, I truly am inhaling and absorbing every moment outdoors in my flip flops. I have been stealing every opportunity to take a dip in my apartment pool, allow the sun to kiss my skin, or gaze at the clouds forming escaping portraits in the sky. As we progress throughout our years in school, summers were meant for rejuvenation, relaxation, and preparation for advancement in our progression towards the educational hierarchy and adulthood. Once we reach adulthood, are we still taking the time to absorb what summer is meant to offer? Step outside and allow your body and soul a chance to smile. Take a dip in the pool or ocean and allow the weight of any burdens release into the water molecules. When we allow our bodies to lighten with the assistance of the sun and water, we’re more free to offer contagious smiles and acts to others.


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