Someone knows your name

Someone knows your name

Off and on for almost ten years I have been going to my favorite breakfast place in Los Angeles: the Griddle. Somehow the staff have mostly remained the same, including the door man Alex. Fads wax and wane in LA. With the height of fame, businesses may lose their popularity because their coolness lost it’s edge. Despite this, the Griddle still has over one hour waits for breakfast on the weekends. Luckily due to Alex we never have to wait long in line. I’ve never seen him outside of this establishment, and I always feel like I’m VIP when I come here. The kicker is I come at most six times per year. It’s comforting to have my own Cheers in LA, a city full of millions of people, celebrities, sun worshippers, and dreamers. Regardless of this someone remembers me, and treats me and my guests just as special as other famous actresses whose bodies have graced the booths. Thank you Alex for your hard work, service, and special treatment all these years.

Who are the acquaintances in your town that go out of the way to give you special treatment? How have you expressed gratitude to their service?


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