Reciprocal Gratitude

Reciprocal Gratitude

Today I mailed three massive boxes media mail at the Post Office. Although I had a cart to push the boxes, not one person offered to open the door. As I left, I noticed a middle aged man in the same situation. He had one massive box to mail, but he was carrying it. Nobody dropped what they were doing to open the door. Yet I knew what this was like, after having struggled 10 minutes prior. I opened the door and thought nothing of it. As i walked towards my car, the man found me and offered this card, stating “this is a gift from India.” On the backside of the card, it offered numerous positive spiritual statements. I didn’t feel obligated to give him my card, as this moment was allowing him to express gratitude for a small act of kindness from a stranger and for me to be receptive to accept it. What is one small thing you can do today to impact someone?


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