Is it written in the stars?

I have a deep fascination with all that is mystical and magic.  When I was younger, I had this belief that “it was written in the stars.”  Our fates were decided for us, and we were destined to live it out.  Now, this has shifted.

I believe we are co-creators.

We may be pivoted to live a particular life, due to numerous factors.  This could be our upbringing, families, astrological sign, karmic debt, education, or communities we grew up in.  But we are not doomed to live one path.  

Life is a collaborative, ongoing, and active process.  

Our tomorrows are written by the actions we take today.

If you do not like the dynamics of your current lifestyle, you have the power to change it.  But it’s not simply magic, manifesting and wishing it.  It takes consistent work towards the goal we have.  It’s the small decisions you make every day that leads to the path of where you want to go.  Instead of complaining of your circumstances, process the lessons learned, and take action.  

You always have a choice in the destiny you choose to live.

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