Post October Reflections

         October seems to be the most pivotal month where the season shifts from warm balmy sunny summer days to those of the autumn.  We pack away the tank tops, shorts, and flip flops, and embrace denim and sweater weather.  The rest of the months of the year appear to take a gradual approach to change, yet October shines the brightest.

         For some individuals I know, October is their favorite month.  This is not just because Halloween is their most beloved holiday, but they prefer to take time off and embark on staycations during October.  These weeks are not just periods of autumnal moods, but a time of reflection.  They witness change as the leaves morph to bright colors just before they drop to the ground and are reminded they too must shed old versions of themselves to make room for the new.

         Before the busy-ness of the holidays set in, and the push for new year resolutions to be set, we have time to pause and take stock of where we currently reside.  We can harvest all that has planted throughout the year, the goals, the dreams, activities, daily routines and investigate is this how we want the rest of the year to go?  The year can still be pivoted, eight more weeks to navigate closer towards the life you want. 

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