My Favorite Tee-shirt

The day finally came where I must lay my favorite white tee shirt to rest.  Purchased at the Victoria & Albert Museum during the Frida Kahlo exhibit, it read the words “I am my own muse” in royal blue letters.  Yet the shirt appeared to be a puzzle for many, as it was written backwards, and could only be deciphered when the individual could view herself in the mirror.  This simple fitted white tee shirt seemed to be packed in my luggage for numerous travel adventures: a girls trip to Miami, walking into the pyramids of Giza, climbing trees in a National Trust forest in the United Kingdom, and finally completing the Camino de Santiago in Spain.  Even though a tiny hole was forming under the left armpit, I vowed to keep her.  But the last journey of the Camino ruined her, as she was stained from the remnants of my pink sports bra, after massive amounts of sweat was secreted.  I tried cleaning her with bleach, hoping the stain would be removed.  Yet the time has come for me to release her.  She served her purpose.  She transferred the power and feistiness from Frida to me when needed most .

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