Even Cloudy Days


Today I chose to walk my dogs to the park.  It was a Sunday morning the sun was shining.   We wanted to take advantage of the park being ours in those quiet early moments.  As we arrived in the park, my English Bulldog Puzo found a perfect spot to pause in the grass.  The sun shone in his face, there was a light breeze.  He was content, no need to walk further.  And then the clouds came in.  I looked up at the sky, thinking this would be momentary.  Minutes went by, and the clouds continued.  There were tiny breaks for the sun to shine in, but overall the clouds shifted the temperature from warm to cool.  Perhaps this wasn’t the greatest idea.  Bella, my 12 year old chihuahua pug mix, was content regardless of the weather.  But my bulldog who is nearly 14 years old, he was temperamental.   A walk to the park was not always on his agenda. He would put on his paw breaks and refuse to walk further than beyond our doorstep if he didn’t feel like it.  But he was here now, and surprisingly he wanted to stay.  

And so we lingered in the park, we shifted to an open area surrounded by park benches.  We all looked up at the sky, hoping for the clouds to clear.  Nope.  It was just one of those days.  I regretted not going to the park the day prior, which was warmer and sunnier.  I scolded myself for not taking advantage of the sun.  I internally talked to the sun saying, “I know you are there sun.  I see you, if only those clouds could just move a bit.”  My wishes to move the clouds was not successful.   Time passed.  We lingered more.

We then walked towards a gated area, which was surrounded by a tiny fountain and garden.  This generally was our shortcut to the rest of the grounds, which were filled with ruins of an abbey that was hundreds of years old.  

Yet as we walked in, Puzo looked at the bench.  

He wanted to take a seat and stare at the scenery.  

And so we did.

My thoughts shifted from disappointment to gratitude.

He reminded me that despite the clouds, we could still appreciate the day.  There was still beauty beholden in front of us.   We could sit and hear the soothing sounds of the water and take in the greenery that framed the pond.    

We can find joy and beauty, even in a cloudy day.  

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