A little Yamagata love

Last week I attended a Racheal Yamagata performance, which was spectacular. I have been listening to her music for over a dozen years. It’s so refreshing to be in the midst of a musician in a country that is not your homeland. I live in England and as an American , I have seen her in London three times. She has brought me comfort at times during awful breakups or joy to share with my friends over the years. Rachael has transformed her pain into art which in turn assists eases our pain. We know we are not alone in our solitary melancholy moments. She gives a voice to our sadness , stating what we may have difficulty verbalising. 

I was able to introduce her to my husband, who also has fallen in love with her passionate voice .

I had the honour of meeting her last fall and this last week, I voiced this all to her. What a gracious and kind woman, probably one of the sweetest musicians I had ever met. Thanks for all you do Rachael and every other artist out there :). 

Prior to us meeting her, there was a late 40 something British woman and her friend chatting up Yamagata. This woman joked to her that she was one of her biggest fans even a stalker. Rachael filmed a video for her saying “you stalked me, now I’m going to stalk you.” The woman was gushing , and her friend had to tear her away. She just didn’t want to leave .

If you ever have the opportunity of meeting someone to admire, express your gratitude. I am sure they keep those kind words and moments close to their heart, just as you do.

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