Spread Xmas cheer to neighbors 

Last month when my mother was visiting , a package was delivered to my home from Amazon. Since nobody was home , it was delivered to a neighbor several doors down. I had never met the person. My mother accompanied me to pick up the package in the evening. . Who opened the door , but an elderly old woman dressed in makeup and a fancy jumper.

Her name was Patricia Rose. She invited us into her home. As we walked in, I noticed a stunning black and white photo of her from the 1950s. I am sure she was a charmer in those days. Patricia asked us to have a cup of tea several times. We politefuly declined, as we were on a schedule. Instead we opted for a tour of her home. She was proud as she brought us to each room, and we ended up in the guest room.

There was a display of sparkling scarves that she knits as presents to keep her busy. One was even offered for each of us (see mine in picture above). 

 She informed us she was visiting her children and grandchildren earlier in the day. They were celebrating xmas in advance . Six weeks in advance to be exact.  They had other plans on xmas. My heart fell as I thought she may probably be alone for the holidays. 

This woman lived alone , and was so sweet offering tea and handmade scarves to us. I am sure she was filled with stories to share about the olden British days, laughter, and loneliness, hidden behind the smile she offered the entire time.

Today is Christmas , I too am alone , since my husband is working. I decided to pop by her home at high noon offering a holiday teddy bear and some chocolate. Patricia answered the door in her purple robe. She said she was not well, as she was resting after having fallen down yesterday. Her purple bruise on her forearm matched the robe. I didn’t want to intrude on her, but wanted to ensure she had at least one visitor today. She offered me a hug and kiss on the cheek. I was unsure if she would remember me, and so I wore the green sparkling scarf she had made as proof.

I wished her a merry xmas and wellness wishes. She said her day will be better after my visit.  The moment lasted less than 3 minutes.

I am not around my grandparents or family at the moment, but I do vow that I will try to visit this neighbor on a more frequent basis. 

We never want to be forgotten, and a small simple unexpected greeting can last for days.

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