Xmas Eve reflections 

Tonight I went to my local British town’s Christmas carols. It was as if it was a scene from a movie. 

Everyone in town went to the greens (hilly area past the city council) for a free carols. Donations were given as you received a copy of the lyrics to sing along . Mulled wine and minced pies were given out.

My time was limited  at the event ,as my dogs were distracted by the other dogs in xmas jumpers and children on razer scooters. But there was comfort in going to this event and seeing people I knew from the town present with their families and friends.

But the ones filled with wonder during the holiday season are the kids. I do not have any children, but I can imagine children during this time of year must be the most entertaining . 

They believe in the magic of Christmas, Santa Claus , and Rudolph . As an adult I can only compare this magic to that which I feel when serendipity hits when I travel. There’s such wonder and joy. In believe it’s all possible . 

Christmas is a time for giving, but also in believing . Believing in the possibilities life can offer you. Forgiveness . Reconnecting with family . And hope for next year all are possible at this time of year. 

How can you stop for a bit this season and feel the magic that may be occurring around you . Happy holidays . 

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