48 days Podcast 

There are several podcasts I listen to on a regular basis to remain inspired and passionate about life, entrepreneurship , and passion. One of which is 48 Days to the Work You Love. Each week Coach Dan Miller encourages audience members to live out their dreams in a realistic and strategic way . He answers questions to those who are lost , provides free advice , and shares success stories. Last week , he discussed instances where he and others expressed gratitude and hope towards others .At the end he requested the audience for their stories on gratitude . I never write to podcasters, authors, or celebrities. But I felt encouraged to share the mission of this website : itonlytakesasmile.com 

Below see a link to that podcast , listen to my letter read at the last 4 minutes and 10 seconds of the show. 

I encourage anyone who needs an ongoing pep talk to take the next step in their career to subscribe to this weekly podcast.

Below is he letter I wrote to Dan:


On a recent podcast you shared instances where you and others continue to give back to others not just during the holiday season but throughout the year. I find this is so vital and always want to show others the depth of my gratitude .

Four years ago i started the process of handing out gratitude cards to those who serve me: bank tellers , waiters, baristas , family, and friends. These cards generally have a positive quote and funny picture, of my dogs on them with a link to a website of mine: Itonlytakeaasmile.com. The site is filled with positive stories I write or have found online. We hear so many horrific things on the news , and not enough positivity. Just as negativity is contagious , so is optimism.

Initially I was extremely intent on giving this to everyone I encountered . It’s decreased through the years, and has remained primarily active when I travel. I especially try to give it to those who deal with the daily grind of disgruntled travellers at the airports . 

I have been lucky enough to have my dream job overseas the past several years as a psychologist and yoga instructor serving the military. There could be a chance the dream ends as contracts change, and so I continue to listen to your show weekly for tips, as you guide others through their struggles. 

Thank you for all you do in keeping people’s spirits up throughout the year, and fueling them to live out their passions. It serves as a reminder for me to keep up my positivity blog and handing out gratitude cards to others. I hope to attend one of your workshops in the future , as I eventually shift into the next phase of my life.  

With gratitude and love ,


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