A Christmas Jumper 

The Brits love Christmas jumpers (aka sweaters).  As Americans we love an ugly xmas sweater party . But here it’s not ugly, just celebratory.  It’s something I truly appreciate, the British love for being in the festive season. 

I have lived here for over 3 1/2 years and have now accumulated over 6 holiday jumpers. It’s quite addicting , if I could I would buy my entire family a xmas sweater as a gift. But I’m not sure they would appreciate it.

Although these two photos are a bit cheeky, they get people to smile. To combine 50 Cent and Jesus in a festive sweater is brilliant.

Next Friday Dec 16 is National xmas jumper day.  Money goes to helping children in need. Wear a jumper , raise money, and bring a smile to those who spot you!


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