The importance of self care 

This weekend has been my fourth weekend away from home. I am not on a four week vacation , but have been combining work with travel. What I found is it’s exhausting . I am in Bath, a place I haven’t visited for ten years , and have been unable to enjoy it because I have gotten sick. This happens twice a year, I work and travel excessively , and my body can’t keep up. I fall ill.  Ironically it’s happening in Bath, a place known for it’s healing qualities . 

For years Romans believed the goddess Sulis Minerva lived in these healing waters. And maybe I came here to momentarily be healed. Although I did work this weekend here, all free moments were spent resting in my hotel room. This is odd for me, as I am generally on the go. Yet I realise the older I get how important it is to care for yourself on an ongoing basis, or you may be doomed to fall ill. 

(This is the public bathroom at my hotel)

This weekend has reminded me to not just be kind to strangers , but be kind to myself.  We can’t be of help to others if we are run down .

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