Reliance on strangers 

The hidden paths of Venice make it quite easy to lose one’s way.  Each twist and turn down another alley, or over another canal confuses my search for landmarks.  Admittedly I may have lost my way, because as I was earlier walking towards the original destination , I held my breath with sighs of beauty and wonder .  What charm this city held!

With each step to return towards the train station from San Marco plaza , I was unsure of myself.  There was no way to tell in the dimming light if I could reach my shuttle on time.  

But I continued to ask strangers.

I pointed to photos on my phone of the hotel we were dropped off at. I want to go here. Each time strangers were friendly enough to offer their assistance. Without it, I would have been lost in the dark, literally. I made it with time to spare, pride in myself and the kindness of strangers . 

Sometime all I can offer them is this gratitude card, hopefully they know that their assistance was deeply valued.


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