Synchronicity in Sound Healing

Two years ago, while in Colorado with a friend, we stumbled upon a gem show.  As we searched through which gemstones we may find, there were people selling Tibetan bowls.  I was new to the world of sound healing and in the process of ongoing training.  Many of the bowls I found were overpriced, but we ended up finding one booth by a company called Serenity Tibet.  There was a woman discussing the bowls that were available, and were at an affordable price.  A man was seated at the booth, I assumed it was this woman’s husband and he was dragged to this expo event.  As I began talking to him, I discovered he himself was a sound healer from Tibet.  He actually was Suren Shrestha, well known teacher, author, and healer.  We briefly shared our experiences about sound, took some photos, and we bought some lovely instruments from them.  

Later that week, I informed my teacher Maggie in Wales about this “random” event.  She said to me, “weird things happen when you enter the world of sound.”  She continued to share that there will be moments of synchronicity on this path of sound healing.  This was true in her life, and now it was working it’s magic in mine.  

And she was right, more is slowly being revealed.  Little by little.  I had been featured on the show House Hunters International, as I searched for a place in Paris. They highlighted me doing sound healing, even though this was very new to my life. It was demonstrated for the world to see. As a trained clinical psychologist, I can share knowledge gained from theories I know, but I cannot have friends or family as clientele.  In yoga, although I have led a mini class or two with family members or friends, many don’t want to stay in an entire yoga class with me facilitating it.  But sound healing has been different.  It’s one area where I can offer the beauty and transmission of sound, regardless of the relationship to the being in front of me.  In addition, I can do this with more than one person in the room.

I was watching a show the other day which talked of manifestations, and when they discussed synchronicities as moments where various things align in our lives, the host said “we also call these things weird.”  These are moments when things can’t be explained, and I have had many of these in my life.  According to Jung and the website

“Jung believed that many occurrences labeled as “coincidences,” are not actually due to chance. Instead, he believed that these occurrences are directly related to the observer’s mind, and serve to provide powerful insight, direction and guidance.”

 Right now, it seems to be headed in the direction of sound, pilgrimage, and the Black Madonna.  Interestingly, I am embarking on a pilgrimage that will incorporate all of these this summer.  More later on this.  I’m leading my first public sound bath in Malaga, and I’m intrigued to see where this is going.  I am new-ish to this world, but have already led sound healing sessions in America, England, Wales, France, and now Spain.  Let’s see what “weird” things arise next.  

What “weird” moments of synchronicity are arising in your life now? They are there if you are willing to see them.  Put away the distractions, be, see what arises, and note them down so you don’t forget.  

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