Vision Board Synchronicity

“When you visualize, then you materialize. If you’ve been there in the mind, you’ll go there in the body.” —Dr. Denis Waitley

I’m in a coffee shop in my hometown, and this woman next to me is doing a vision board.  I comment on how I like her vision board, and she can’t believe I know what one is.  I’ve led many vision board workshops in my day, and have been doing them for nearly 15 years.  I take for granted that this is not part of everyone’s life and that the concept may be new to anyone.  But I appreciate her freshness about it and the excitement that goals can be manifested.  I offer some tips with regards to vision boards: to put images of herself in them, to do them with friends as they can enhance each others’ dreams and goals, and that it is a process. 

I want to also add that vision boards aren’t the only way to manifest and it isn’t always about the end result.  It’s not what we just want to achieve but how we want to feel.  And how attainment of goals doesn’t always make you happy.  What are your values and how do you want to feel emotionally and energetically? But this is a good start. 

She is surprised I have taught them and asked if I am a teacher.  I respond that I am a psychologist.  But perhaps in some ways I am a teacher.  I try to teach other people aspects of living a balanced healthy life, and I have transitioned from individual work to group work.  So, yes a teacher. 

I let her get back to her vision board.  This year I’ve already created two vision boards, because my life has been redirected.  What I thought I wanted has shifted.  I realize this is another aspect of goal setting.  Allow oneself to surrender to what unfolds.  Although we set goals and there is determination, there must also be fluidity and flexibility for this to shift.  This is something I am still learning.  This middle way of fluid achievements.  Let go of my stubborn nature to achieve, and give space for the universe to guide me.  Free will and guidance: how do we balance this?  This is what I am navigating.  

Observing her detailed interest in the manifestation board in front of her, I watch with a smile on my face.  She mirrors for me a reminder to seek clarity within in what I want to attain.  Could I today quantify my desires for the upcoming year on one board?  Perhaps.  Her vision board is on a cork board not glued down to construction paper, therefore malleability is possible.  Maybe there are some things I can learn from her in manifesting this next phase of my life. 

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