Vision Board Parties

         This past week my friends and I hosted our own vision board party.  The last time we did this together as a group, with the exact same attendees was nine years ago.  Vision boarding is an annual event for me, whether I am teaching a class on it, or completing it solo.  There’s magic to setting our goals for the year with communal intention.

         I knew this would be an all day event.  When I teach workshops for this purpose, they generally lasts 90 minutes.  It’s never enough time.  When you do this project with loved ones, time is lost.  For us, we wanted to make it extra festive.  We added yoga and delicious takeout cuisine.  Therefore our vision board event turned into a 11 hour event. 

         Verbalizing our goals aloud in a group is a form of accountability.  We are not just vowing to ourselves what we want to achieve, we are sharing it in a group.  When we do this, search for images that symbolize our desires, and note to others what it is we are seeking, others in the group offer ways they can assist in finding you what you need.   The universe can assist us in manifesting what we want.  But we must be intentional and focused.  

         The other thing with vision boards is it isn’t magic.  Yes, what we put on these poster boards can come true, but there’s a missing component.  We need to take action.  Each day we need to narrow our eyes to what it is that we desire and work towards inching closer to it.  Our friends can continue to serve as accountability partners after the vision board is completed.  We can continue to check in on each other’s progress, and steps that need to be taken for this to manifest in our lives.  If we do not achieve what is on board, we must also wonder is it something we actually wanted in the first place?  Or is it simply a carry over from last year’s goals?  Goals need to be refreshed and decluttered annually.  If not, they will remain take away leftovers forgotten about and tucked away in the back of your refrigerator.  Is it still okay to eat?  Are they moldy and need to be thrown away?  Ask yourself this each year as you revisit this vision board process.

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