Happy Galentine’s Day

These past two days connotate numerous celebrations: The Superbowl, Self-Love Day, International Sound Healing Day, Valentine’s Day, and Galentine’s Day.  Sure Galentine’s Day was simply created on a Parks And Recreation Episode as a way to commemorate the love we share with our friends. Yet a lot of women have come to embrace this day in real life, a decade after the episode aired on tv.  

         I’m still currently in California, but had plans to spend the day with a friend weeks ago in Paris.  We weren’t able to meet up because my trip was extended.  She messaged me today with “Happy Galentine’s Day!”  To receive this message from a new gal pal brought me a sense of happiness.  It was contagious and I chose to share this declaration with multiple other female friends. Why isn’t this a real day in the calendar?

         We have Valentine’s Day to outwardly display our love for our romantic partner through buying gifts, flowers, or going out to an expensive dinner.  But so much weight is emphasized on this one individual, what about all the other types of love that exist in our lives?  What about the friends that have been there on the journey to meet this special one, or help us get through the breakups, or the rest of the sorrows and joys of our lives? 

          I cheers to you the gal pals of my life: past, present, and future.  We deserve to celebrate each other more often.  Know that you are loved, enough, and have impacted my world. 

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