Merci To My Travel Guides

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” -Meister Eckhart

When things go smoothly when I travel, I can’t help but think “Merci” to the travel guides, gods, and angels that are there assisting me.  This is particularly the case, with the ease of travel during a pandemic.  I’m en route last minute to assist a family member who is having surgery in his aftercare.  The original caregiver got Covid, and voile c’est moi!  It is fine, since I do not have a regular job to attend to. But the universe is definitely assisting with ease to ensure I get there safely, promptly, and with limited stress. 

My uber driver got me to the airport promptly in a BMW.  As I arrived, I received assistance from multiple staff members who directly guided me from one station to another.  One staff member began asking if I had a heavier coat because I may get cold at the next airport.  She even inquired about my world: where I’m from, my profession, and future endeavors.  I was curious about this.  Was it the positive energy I was vibrating that was attracting these helpful friendly guides or maybe she was an angel in disguise reminding me of my larger purpose?  It didn’t matter, either way I was appreciative of this.  I handed out my Puzo/Bella gratitude cards to most of these people.  I can’t help but feel extra appreciation when I travel.  It’s a brief period of stress for voyagers.  There’s a precise timeline that must be met and numerous steps that must be met: packing, ensuring one’s pets are taken care of, transportation, passport, covid tests, additional paperwork, tickets.  All must be followed in a timely manner to ensure the journey occurs, oftentimes it isn’t pleasant.  Therefore, when it is, I’m full of gratitude.

I encourage you to witness the helpful people that assist you next time you travel.  The universe is assisting you, and all that’s necessary for you is to accept this and say merci!

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