Paris Necessities

I have officially been living in Paris for five weeks, and there are two things I have noticed that are necessities for living here: a proper jacket and comfortable walking shoes. Shoes should not come as a surprise.  Paris is an easily accessible city by foot, and therefore many locals and tourists take advantage of this.  We walk several miles every day.  Comfortable footwear that navigates you throughout the terrain is vital to stay healthy and energized.  I have never worn my Doc Martens as much as I have this past month.  

Yet, I am fascinated by how much I have lived in my winter coat.  Several weeks ago, I bought a wool coat at a trendy shop.  It was camel colored, went down to my ankles, and was very French.  It also was 50% off and I thought I landed a deal with a 40 euro wool jacket.  But you get what you paid for.  I was wearing the jacket everyday, and slowly it began to fall apart.  The pockets began to develop holes in it, furries were building in the areas it was rubbing up against (by the coat pockets), and strings were coming off of it. I realized I was wearing this coat so much, and rarely took it off when I met with friends.  We spent most of our socialization time walking the streets or eating outside at the cafes, by heat lamps.  I noticed, I wore the same several outfits for much of the month, and my fashion did not matter as long as I had a nice jacket.  After several weeks of this beautiful coat that began to turn worn, it was time to invest in a more expensive wool coat.  This purchase also coincided with the Parisian sales period.  I donated my several weeks worn winter coat to a local person in need, and invested in this new camel piece. 


There’s beauty in the simplicity of being a local in Paris.  The apartments are small.  I was living in a four floor house in the UK, and now my apartment is less than 270 square feet.  It’s tiny home living, but you truly begin to value and use all that resides in your space.  Your life is full, even though space is small.  You realize you don’t need much, and take pride in the minimal items you do own and share with the world. 

Know if you are to ever to visit Paris in the winter, pack these two items: good shoes and a great coat.  Disregard anything else that’s worn underneath.  Nobody will notice.  Stay warm, cozy, classic, and chic.

“London is a riddle. Paris is an explanation.” —Gilbert Keith Chesterton

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