24 Hour Manifestation

Seven days and nights in Miami has been restorative for my inner 8 year old, who is squeezing in the last summer moments of sun, laps in the outdoor pool, and dips into the ocean.  It has taken several days for my body and mind to drop into a pure relaxed state, remove the busy-ness of work and responsibilities.  My nighttime dreams begin to deepen, and I can recall and interpret them.   

Midway through my trip, as I was swimming in the ocean, completing a lap, I saw there was a commotion among my fellow travellers.  I had to pause to explore what it was about.  “It’s a dolphin!” one of them yelled.  “See the fin.”  I searched and grabbed a peak of the dolphin in a distance.  These two sisters began talking to me, telling their story.  “You see it’s my birthday today, and I asked God for a sign.  Show me a dolphin for my birthday, and here it is.  God is real.  God is here.”  They went on to discuss that they were only in Miami for 24 hours.  It was the one sister’s birthday, who flew in from Michigan.  The other sister flew from NYC, and went on to share “you have to do these things for people you love.  Even though it’s only 24 hours, these things matter.”  These sisters exclaimed, “We have been manifesting everything on this trip.”  They shared that if you are a good person, you will attract good people and experiences.  They were talking my language.  This is how I always live my life, and I was happy to witness this experience with them.  It was a momentary spiritual experience that was shared among strangers, and I appreciated this.   

I automatically told this story to my friend Gretchen, who was travelling with me.  Our days slowly passed by, eventually we arrived at our last day.  Gretchen mentioned to me, while we woke up “We only have 24 hours in Miami, we are going to manifest everything!”  She was not saying this to poke fun at these strangers, but to learn from them.  You can make the most out of everyday.  Instead of looking at your remaining hours with sadness and disappointment, you can reframe it as you have an abundance of one day, in which anything is possible.  All can be manifested!

What will manifest in your life in the next 24 hours? 

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