Mystical Myss Experience

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a Caroline Myss workshop for the second time in ten years.  She’s a Medical Intuitive Healer, Mystic, NY Times Bestselling Author, and change agent.  When you attend events like these with living sages, it’s expected the audience will have an endless amount of questions.  They are not about personal inquisitions on her life, or her body of work, but they are specific ones how the individual seeking answers can navigate this particular phase of their life.  They desperately were seeking her advice, and not wanting to let go of the microphone until they felt solace in the response.  Themes ranged from wanting a romantic partnership, life purpose, burnout, to vacillating with having the feeling of vengeance and wanting to transcend to a higher level of being, the ego, identity or soul struggle of one wanting to undergo a sexual transition, and the dilemma of whether to protest or how to hold being political frustration with grace.


Although her talk was an all day workshop, the numerous questions kept her from revealing the work I was craving to be divulged.  I noticed an inner annoyance burning when the questions continued.   There wasn’t enough time to hear the depth of Myss’ wisdom.  But I gently reminded myself that the questions that were asked would hopefully serve as wealth for the entire audience.  We were leaning on each word she said, as we eagerly took notes. (Note the man in the image included here).  At times tiredness ensued, because of the vast wealth of information needed to be digested.  She is a living yoda.  So many of us wish this wisdom existed within the layers of our family.  We want to seek answers from those in our familial lineage, but at times this isn’t available.  These individuals may no longer exist on this plane, or never sought the depths of spiritual wisdom this woman in front of us contains.  Who doesn’t want guidance from a American Yoda?


One aspect that was repeated throughout the talk was the recognition of our interconnectivity.  She stated that our bodies were microearths.  What affects one cell, affects them all.  And so is us for humanity.  As one individual grows, so do us all. We are co-creating our lives, not just with God/Universal Energy, but all of us are impacting each other.


Epidemics are examples of us co-creating the world together. Myss gave an example that polio developed and aroise in America post the Great Depression.  “We said we were economically crippled and elected a president in a wheelchair.    Post World War II things shifted.  There was an economic boom, and “we were on our feet again.”  The coronavirus was mentioned as well.  This “collective illness” is a response of our “shadow” nature, exemplifying the fear we have in each other and the boundaries we have felt are needed.  The worst of ourselves that have been arising with wanting to promote nationalism through Brexit or the USA/Mexican wall, and other various examples has resulted in this. Now how are we dealing with the coronavirus?  People are further having to isolate and quarantine themselves.  “The virus is the last great effort to create boundaries, but the reality is there are no more boundaries.  The disease is airbourne.”  It was suggested that we need to understand that as a society that we are part of one living breathing creature. We are one body and must begin seeking to treat each other in this way. “No nation has sovereign rights, every nation must be treated equal, as an essential part of the whole.”


Hearing this stirred the audience up.  We were hungry for answers that we try to find in water cooler conversations or from news outlets.  People are hyping up the fear factor, but what about the deeper meaning behind the development of this.  Instead of viewing how to further travel or infected individuals, why not explore how we can grow as a society from this illness?


Hearing the wisdom from Caroline Myss was comforting.   It further validated the spiritual growth and awakening that is arising globally.  She also reminded the audience to eliminate our ego driven striving for success, knowledge, improvement.  Know that what you are choosing to learn about health and healing is not for your benefit, but for the benefit of all.



One small way we can begin to become more aware of our co-creativity is to be mindful of the words and phrases we say to ourselves.  Know that every thought is a prayer.  “Don’t ever say this is making me sick” or wake up and repeat “what a miserable day it appears to be.  Seek gratitude, appreciation, and curiosity in the small wonders of the world.  Choose to see a miracle everyday.  Know that you are never alone.  In moments of struggle, seek guidance from the assistance of grace.  It’s always within reach if one is willing to surrender to this.

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