Christmas Socks Deux

It’s been difficult to get into the holiday spirit this year, but I forced myself to wear a holiday jumper yesterday on national xmas jumper day. I have tried to squeeze in some holiday tunes on my commute home. One would think people are kinder and make more effort during the holidays. Yet this isn’t always the case.

I am in the process of selling my home with an unruly tenant that has made things difficult. Without getting immersed in the story, it’s been quite strenuous to see the good in humanity when these tenants can treat people in such a selfish and manipulative manner. Automatically I know I needed to shift energy, I tried to read something uplifting last night after receiving upsetting news. Then I went to bed.

But today is different. I slowly put up my minuscule Christmas tree. And I decided to return the tradition of Christmas socks from last year. Prior to my yoga class in London this afternoon, I would get off one tube stop earlier at Kings Cross and deliver these presents. There tends to be a higher amount of homeless in this area. My brother started this tradition last year instead of being lonely and sad, buy Xmas socks with snacks and hand them to the homeless.

As I journeyed down, I repeated my intentions for the day as “service and hope.” I began this morning and after I handed my first sock package to someone and greeted them merry Xmas, I wanted to cry. These people today are striving to survive in 3 degree Celsius weather (36 Fahrenheit), what have I been complaining about? I have so much to be thankful for in my life. It’s full of luxury, opportunity, and all I am giving these people is socks and snacks?

But I realise I momentarily did offer more.

I am treating these individuals like human beings I am interested in. Throughout their struggles, society has turned their gaze the opposite direction. We are not responsible. It is not my problem. I am not turning away in disgust, shame, or ignorance. I am turning towards them and seeking them out.

I know it seems quite simplistic this lesson of kindness and care towards others is the real Xmas gift to be shared. But I need to continually remind myself that. How can I show others I interact with that they are not alone? The world cares for them. Sometimes it’s a smile, sincere eye contact, or a word of gratitude, sometimes it’s food, and sometimes it’s socks.

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