Deconstructive Poetry

It seems easy enough to do this with writings from others (although I think blacking out books is almost sacrilegious). But this can be hard for us to do with our own words and thoughts.

Yet if we look at what it means to grow as a person, we must break down old ideas, beliefs, and limitations to create anew. Ideally we can hold confidence in our beliefs, but simultaneously explore if these long held beliefs have an expiration date. Are they fitting with our lives today, or are causing conflict ? Do they need to be re-examined ? Deconstructed and reconstructed ?

I created three pieces in one evening, and am hooked. I found a new free hobby to express my creativity. I wanted to share this with you, who knows what may arise when you allow the hidden creative artist a new form of canvas.

Can you begin exploring any thoughts you may have that are limiting your potential? What may need to be done to shift this to accommodate who you are today?

“Deconstruction is not meant to be a soft sighing for the future, but a way of deciding now and being impassioned in a moment.”

John D. Caputo

To explore erasure poetry:

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