Wild Beasts: One last time

Saturday evening my husband and I were lucky enough to snag tickets for Wild Beasts’ final concert. We’ve seen this British band several times over the years, and we’ve had the pleasure of meeting them at a record signing last year. Wild Beasts have become popular among the local festival scene over the past 15 years. They have crafted to also become one of my husband’s favorite modern bands…and sadly they are breaking up.

Attending the concert was a celebration of the work they’ve achieved over the years. The concert went on for two hours and even included an intermission, in addition to the encore. As each song played, my husband was in awe of how great they were. He mentioned , “they are Michelin-star caliber,” if there was a comparable rating star of bands as there is to fine cuisine. This the highest compliment my husband can offer , as a fancy chef. The four members of Wild Beasts group hugged during one of the encore performances, and held hands as they bowed, just as they do during theater curtain calls. I wish I captured that via photo, but I captured it internally.

Although I have only met them once, i felt honored to be in the audience for something so special to them. We were witnesses to the end of them as a band. After the show, a drunk dude asked us how our evening was. We talked about how great the show was, but he continued to add it was a bit sad. I didn’t see any tears shed in audience members, as it may have been for a final boy band show. But it still was bittersweet.

In prepping for the final show, I chose to wear three different items I had grown attached to one last time as well… a purse from Florence, a backpack from Turkey, and these beloved knee high boots. All items were about to be donated to a thrift store, but I had grown attached. I didn’t want to let them go. But I knew it was time. As Maria Kondo started, verbalize appreciation for how these things have served you and then let them go.

I find it’s easy for me to grow attached to things, friends, and even bands. They become familiar, and interwoven into the fabric of your life. It seems that just when the level of comfort has set in, its time to say goodbye.

We are frequently reminded that everything is impermanent . Our suffering lies in the attachment to these things and people. Can we loosen our grip and allow ourselves to let go? Can we allow ourselves to hear and appreciate the swan song of the band?

How tough it is to say goodbye to someone or something

with joy and celebration, when sadness exists simultaneously. The effect of being able to hold this in our hearts, recognize all emotions that arise, and simply be in the moment is quite a beautiful thing.

Thanks Wild Beasts for sharing your time and talent with your fans, we appreciate and will continue to live in your music.

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