Catch love when you can

Every year I vacillate on my connection to Valentine’s Day. When I was younger it felt monumental , whether I was committed or not. As an adolescent so much is placed on this one day, to share your feelings toward that special someone. If I was dating someone it was expected that gifts would be exchanged and a special date would occur. If I was single, the pain in my heart would be exacerbated and I would spend my time watching romantic comedies, hoping next hear would be different .

But as I got older , I realised that love should not just be expressed on holidays , but everyday.

There is also so many types of love , as I had written about in a previous post. My friend had mentioned this past week, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could have a commitment ceremony with our friends : a friend-trimony to celebrate the beauty of one’s closest buddies?

Above our two small stranger love acts I witnessed after getting off my tube stop at Angel this evening. A special quote which changes daily by this particular tube stop and a small heart by the barista working solo tonight.

There are so many other things I witnessed as love today, if you actually look. Gal pals watching their friend try on a wedding dress. A woman’s puppy offering lavish kisses to a stranger , despite her warning to the dog he was naughty. Another train passenger 10 yrs old traveling alone laughing at the dog’s antics, being told off. A woman informing me I had dropped my Oyster card, which I had just loaded with 30£. And of course the fellow dancers in my beginner flamenco classes , offering our gratitude and attention to the instructor as we try new moves with apprehensive passion (we will get there)! If I actually opened my eyes I could witness love acts everywhere .

For some people Valentine’s Day holds such power, but tomorrow the chocolate hearts, teddy bears, and greet cards will be 50% off. Love is a daily choice to give , see, and feel.

Embrace the type of love that’s been offered to you today. Share love with others.

My valentine to you is a loving kindness meditation for you to try.

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