Somewhere over the rainbow 

How beautiful for people to share gratitude in song! Can life be a musical ? 

I have always connected to this song whether it was from the original wizard of oz or hawaii’s brother iz. The song can be sung with a sense of loneliness, reflection, hope, bliss, and unity (as in this video).

We tend to confine our singing abilities to sacred places… the shower, church, concerts, sports games, karaoke and/or piano bars. But what about everywhere else in between?

On public transportation , regardless how crowded the train is, we build up invisible walls for people to not enter. We zone into a book we are reading , blast our headphones for a song or podcast , or simply daydream to a place anywhere than here. But there are moments for connection available . Sometimes the most beautiful ones I have seen on social media of strangers connecting are on subway /metro rides.

What is over the rainbow for you? How can you make a stranger smile today ? 

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