The beauty of music 

There is something so beautiful and magical in being in the atmosphere of our favourite musicians . In the clip below, you can almost feel the patient getting healing energy from Florence.  I couldn’t help but smile, cry, and want to sing after watching this. Music is magical .

We idealise artists sometimes externally for the wrong reasons.  Those that are the most well known tend to be the most beautiful, extroverted on the social scene , and played most frequently on the Top 40 radio stations. We give musicians god -like power, which they are not really worthy of. 

But they can be angels.

Musicians have the potential to allow the spirit to flow through their music, into your ears, and land on your soul. 

We sometimes miss the impact of art , because we are distracted on the external charade. Go deeper, close your eyes and  allow your entire self to feel the music. 

Let the music drip onto each pore.  Inhale it in.  

“Angels descending, bringing from above,

Echoes of mercy, whispers of love.”-Fanny J Cosby

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