Gratitude with gratitude 

Yesterday my friend gave me the most amazing gift … a card holder which happens to be Louis Vuitton . The reason why I love it isn’t because of the designer nature of it (always a plus), but it’s because of the thought behind the card. She remembered the last time I saw her two years ago that I gave out the gratitude cards to bartenders, baristas, or waiters.

I rarely have a card holder for them in my purse . It’s just randomly mixed in my purse along with makeup, receipts, and random pens. 

Now I have a special card holder bought just for this purpose of gratitude sharing . And it was purchased by someone else who recognised and remembered the act of kindness. In turn She offered back an act of kindness. 

In my everyday life , I frequently get off track with giving away these cards . I find  I give them generally just for travelling, but this holder now  further reminds me of the Intention I set. these Small little cards serve a purpose.

Sometimes we need this in life, little reminders or nudges to get us back on on our path. Is how we live the day being demonstrated in how we act or intended to act towards others ? Our path is never far and can always be returned to.

What can you nudge yourself to return to? 

PS thanks jennie , you don’t know how much this means to me:)

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